10 Underrated Makeup Products You Should Know About

Hey guys! In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about some products that I think are absolutely fantastic, but I don’t really hear a lot of hype about them.

Here are my current favourite under rated products.

Colourpop brushes

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1. ColourPop Brushes 
I love love love the new ColourPop brushes. To be fair, they’re no good with the Super Shock shadows, and I guess that’s why people are disappointed and don’t talk about it much, but they’re great for regular powder shadows. The Blending  brush is kind of tapered and it is smaller than my usual blending brushes. It’s great for controlled blending, or for those with smaller eyes. The Shader brush is nice and stiff and comes to a fine and flat tip. It’s great for packing on colour and doing a cut crease. It’s also great for smudging out colour in the lower lash line. If you’re in the market for new eye brushes, I recommend these. You can see my full review here.

2. Makeup Geek Chivalry Blush
Whenever I see vloggers recommending Makeup Geek blushes for darker skin, they always talk about Summer Fling. I actually don’t like that shade very much, as it comes off a bit ashy on my skin. I much prefer Chivalry if you’re after an everyday blush, Desire if you want a bold pop of colour, and Covet if you want a pretty nude-ish blush with subtle shimmer.

3. Makeup Revolution Banana Powder
If you’re looking for a good affordable banana powder, this one is excellent. I haven’t really heard much about it, and I’m not sure why. You can see swatches and an in-depth review here.

4. Makeup Geek Sparklers. 

If you love glitter, you need to try Makeup Geek’s Sparklers. If you’re not even into glitter, I’d still suggest giving these a try in your favourite colour. They are incredibly finely milled, almost as fine as powder. But they have such high inpact shine and add texture to any eye shadow look. I really love these and now I’m tempted to try other Makeup Geek pigments and sparklers to see if they are this good.

5. L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim

I picked this up because one of my favourite bloggers recommended it over the Kat von D Liner, which I’d initially wanted to get. I love this because it glides over foiled shadows and glitter easily, something some other liners in my collection don’t do. It comes to a very fine point and it’s just really easy to do a winged liner with this. If you live in Nigeria, the Zaron Felt Tip Eyeliner is just as good.

6. Lancome Cils Booster

I like this lash primer because it adds length and volume without being clumpy. I see a visisble difference between when I use this primer and when I don’t.

7. Makeup Geek Travel Vault 

I mentioned this in my Z Palette Alternatives post. This is a small sturdy magnetic palette that holds 9 shadows or 4 blushes/contours. I think it’s great for people with a modest collection of shadows. I use it to store the shades I use every day, and like the name suggests, it is great for travel. (Buy here)

If you have a larger collection, the Freedom Pro Magnetic Empty Palette is a good option.

8.Makeup Geek Highlighters.

These are finely milled, intense but buildable highlighters. They come in about 13 gorgeous shades specifically made to suit different skintones. These are some of the best highlighters I’ve tried. In my opinion, they are just as good as the Becca highlighters in terms of quality and longevity. They’re available on the Makeup Geek  website.


9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation
There have been so many mixed reviews about this foundation, but I actually love it. I have oily skin and I live in a hot and humid climate. I find this easy to apply. It is great at controlling oil, it gives a skin like finish, and it doesn’t crease if set properly. It has light to medium coverage so it’s not going to give you a full glam flawless finish, but I love it as an everyday foundation.

10. Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

When I first got these sponges and I saw they claimed to be able to erase makeup mishaps, I rolled my eyes in doubt. But, joke’s on me because they actual do erase mistakes. When I’ve been too heavy handed with a transition shade of eyeshadow, I just use this dry to dab at the spot and it takes off the excess colour, then I blend it with a brush and everything looks perfect again. Beyond its erasing abilities, it’s also a really great mini sponge for setting and blending under eye concealer. Buy here (Nigeria only)

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3 Replies to “10 Underrated Makeup Products You Should Know About”

  1. That ABH stick foundation is so so underrated. I have two on sale and no one is even asking. I already got my shade (chestnut) .I love it. That Realtech mini sponge, am not feeling it at all and it’s too tiny. I don’t even use it.

    1. Lol! Funny enough, I love the RT Mini Sponge because it is tiny. I find regular size sponges too big to blend my under eye concealer. I love the ABH Foundation.

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